Our Team 

To accelerate deployment and foster wide uptake of medical informatics methods and tools into pharmaceutical research and practice, requires people from different disciplines and backgrounds to work together, to build a shared understanding within each community of the priorities and limitation of the other, thereby improving the ability to create information technology solutions that will make real-world impact.
Therefore, our multidisciplinary team brings all the required expertise and complementary and synergistic perspectives on leveraging real-world data and data analytics in the healthcare domain.

Joanna Klopotowska
PharmD PhD

Assistant professor, Principal Investigator, hospital pharmacist (not practicing)

Expertise on medication safety, health data science and medical informatics. Leads the PharmacoInformatics Lab.

Izak Yasrebi-de Kom

PhD Student RESCUE study

Expertise on biomedical informatics and health data science.

Rachel Murphy
MSc PharmD

PhD Student REMEDY Study

Expertise on medical informatics, pharmacotherapy quality improvements, and health data science.

Tinka Bakker

PhD Student SIMPLIFY study

Expertise on medical informatics and health data science.

Nicolette de Keizer
Full Professor Medical Informatics

Head of Medical Informatics Department,  Principal Investigator

Expertise on evaluation of quality of healthcare, healthcare information systems, and semantic interoperability and terminology systems

Ameen Abu-Hanna
Full Professor Medical Informatics

Principal Investigator

Expertise on statistical Machine learning, health data science, prediction and causal models, and computerised decision support systems

Kitty Jager
MD Full Professor Kidney Epidemiology

Principal Investigator

Expertise on epidemiology of Chronic Kidney Disease and Kidney Replacement Therapy with focus on international differences and sex differences.

Birgit Damoiseaux-Volman
PharmD PhD

Postdoc, Science communication

Expertise on clinical decision support systems, implementation, medication and health data science

Dave Dongelmans

Principal Investigator, Intensive Care physician

Expertise on evaluation of quality of Intensive Care, Intensive Care medicine and safety management.

Hemmik Leopold

Assistant professor

Expertise on medical informatics, health data science, e-health and programming in R.


Our team is supported by a number of advisors

Ronald Cornet
Associate Professor

Principal Investigator, Principal Educator

Expertise on semantic interoperability of health data, FAIR data and terminology systems

Stephanie “Ace” Medlock

Assistant professor, Principal Educator

Expertise on the development, validation and deployment of clinical decision support software